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Faith Formation Opportunities for 2021-22

Parish Faith Formation for youth will be offered primarily on Sunday mornings via in-person sessions between the Masses, 9:45am - 10:45am in the Aquinas Center. Families may also receive lesson plans for self-paced homeschooling if preferred. 


Youth Faith Formation Opportunities

What: Faith formation at St. Thomas Aquinas parish offers opportunities for youth to complement what they are learning about the Catholic Faith from their parents who are the primary educators of their children. The lessons offered through the parish Sunday School supplement the family's ongoing efforts to introduce the children to the Good News of what God has done for them in Jesus Christ and how they are called to be formed as his disciples, eventually to be sent as missionaries to share this message with others.

These are some of the core habits for disciples of all ages to develop. They serve as the focus of our efforts at coaching our young parishioners to grow as disciples of Jesus. Notice how the first four are habits primarily developed at home, in the Domestic Church. The final habit is what we can focus on during our Sunday morning faith formation sessions in an effort to help develop some vocabulary and concepts to better understand and articulate the relationship with Jesus at the root of the first four habits:

  • Prayer:  develop the habit of daily personal and family conversation with God.
  • Mass:  develop the habit of actively participating in weekly Sunday Mass.
  • Bible:  develop the habit of reading (or listening to) Bible stories.
  • Love:  develop the habit of being generous in your love for God and neighbor.
  • Study:  develop the habit of learning more about what God has done for us and how we are called to respond.



- Confirmation In-person sessions twice each month in the parish hall. This is our immediate preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated each Spring. A weekedn retreat is planned but the date remains to be determined.  Anticipate a Confirmation Mass in April or May, 2022. Eligibility confirmed after interview; for 2021-22, norm is at least 7th Grade and one year of prior parish faith formation. Click here to visit the Confirmation page on this website for additional details. For 2021-22, candidates are to be in 7th Grade or above who meets the proximal year requirements as outlined in this year's Confirmation Orientation Packet

- High School Faith FormationSundays, 9:45 - 10:45am beginning Sep. 12. Details to follow after the catechist team clarifies their distance learning strategies for the coming year.

Please contact Ted Meany if you have any questions (; 360-834-2126, ext. 215).  

FF Calendar for 2021-22: 


Parish FF will begin Sunday, Sep. 12, 2021 and conclude Sunday, May 1, 2022.

As Domestic Churches, families are encouraged to celebrate the liturgical calendar, saints of the day, and special milestones in church history. These will be added to this shared FF Calendar for each month. 








After you have registered for faith formation classes via the link near the top of the main panel on this page, click on the above green button for the option to pay online.  You may also contact the parish office for other options:



If you have any questions about Youth Faith Formation, please contact Ted Meany,
360-834-2126, ext. 215 -




Veritas, Latin for “Truth,” is the best word to describe the spirit and mission of St. Thomas Aquinas, the inspiration and patron for our group. We seek to know the Truth, who is Jesus Christ, so that we can then share Him with others! Centered on the Liturgical Life of the Church, we seek to grow in faith that bears fruit in service.