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2019-20 Faith Formation Classes


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High School Youth Faith Formation Opportunities

- High School Faith Formation:  Sundays, 9:45 - 12:30pm (including 11am Mass).
Sunday morning discussion format built around the experience of Sunday Mass. 
This is designed to help our parish teens to deepen their appreciation of the daily and weekly habits of being Catholic Christians which revolve around their active participation in Sunday Mass. The lofty goal of holiness is achieved in the daily and weekly (joyful!) grind of cooperating with God's grace. A goal of this new schedule would be to explore the practical application of topics on Faith and Morals which arise out of the liturgical cycle and Sunday Mass readings, with a focus on developing a habit of personal prayer. 

- High School Confirmation:  Sundays, 9:45am - 10:45am. This is our immediate preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated each Spring. After establishing the candidate's readiness and desire for the sacrament, including a parent meeting on a Sunday in early September, Sunday morning classes begin in late September and continue through March 2019.  A Confirmation Mass will be celebrated on May 9, 2019. Includes weekend retreat Nov. 9-11, 2018. Click here to visit the Confirmation page on this website for additional details.

- High School Service/Mission:
Various times based on particular service roles in parish faith formation, liturgy, community service, etc. This direct service approach is for those teens who have completed the basic course in Scripture and catechesis and who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is time to get involved, to progress from disciple ("follower") to being an apostle ("one who is sent" on a mission). We will help all teens to be placed in an appropriate service role, whether as a lay liturgical minister, a catechist's aide, or performing some type of outreach for the needy in our community.

Please contact Ted Meany if you have any questions (; 360-834-2126, ext. 215).  

Faith formation at St. Thomas Aquinas parish offers opportunities for teens to complement what they are learning about the Catholic Faith from their parents who are the primary educators of their children. The lessons offered through the parish Sunday School supplement the family's ongoing efforts to introduce youth to the Good News of what God has done for them in Jesus Christ and how they are called to be formed as his disciples, eventually to be sent as missionaries to share this message with others.

  • Since all parish efforts at youth faith formation support the ongoing formation within each family as a whole, it is necessary that parents (or legal guardians) participate in faith formation as well. Special Parent faith formation (or "Parent FF" or "PFF") sessions will be offered each month as indicated on the below calendar. Parent FF sessions will be held in the parish hall at the same time as the youth classes. At least one parent from each family needs to attend each of the monthly Parent FF sessions. Additional adult faith formation sessions will be offered on most of the other Sunday mornings and all parents are encouraged to participate. 



Youth Confirmation


Please click here to visit the Confirmation page on this website for all the details concerning sacramental preparation for youth confirmation:








If you have any questions about Youth Faith Formation, please contact Ted Meany,
360-834-2126, ext. 215 -




Veritas, Latin for “Truth,” is the best word to describe the spirit and mission of St. Thomas Aquinas, the inspiration and patron for our group. We seek to know the Truth, who is Jesus Christ, so that we can then share Him with others! Centered on the Liturgical Life of the Church, we seek to grow in faith that bears fruit in service.