Stewardship of Treasure


Stewardship 2017

It is at this time of year, that we are asked to think about our stewardship of all those gifts that God has placed in our trust. Not just how we are taking care of those gifts, but how we are sharing those gifts with our parish and our community. In the coming weeks we will be asked to consider if we are returning a proper portion of those gifts to the Lord through His instrument on earth, the Church, for the building up of His Kingdom. Next Sunday we will be hearing from one of our parishioners, their story of how God has blessed them, their gratefulness, and how they are sharing those blessings.



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  The Annual Catholic Appeal is about being Catholic and recognizing there are priests and deacons to be trained, social services for the needy and poor to be offered, Catholic schools to sustain and grow, retired priests and nuns to support and so much more! The Annual Appeal allows you to join thousands of Catholics throughout Western Washington to gather the resources needed, helping in a much bigger way possible than if we tried to do it alone. Thanks to YOUR generosity, our church is here in times of need providing comfort and hope.                         
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