Senior project

The St. Thomas Aquinas
Community Garden Donation

The Donation Box is a project that was constructed for the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church’s community garden as a multipurpose structure, made to be used as both a tool shed and a community produce shelf. 

The overall donation box is made of pressure treated lumber, so it can withstand weather, rot, and can last a long time. The structure is also cemented into the ground and held sturdy by metal anchors to guarantee stability and safety. The steel-corrugated roofing provides protection to the tools and produce to ensure they remain dry and safe inside the Donation Box.


The Donation Box was created to meet the needs of the church’s community garden. The inside of the box contains 3 shelves to hold and preserve produce until it is ready for donation by the church to Treasure House, or to simply be used by someone in the Camas community. The opposite half of the donation box functions as a tool shed to maintain clean and safe tools for the church’s garden. The tool shed contains a rack that can easily hold both long and shorter tools. 

Many thanks to all of the companies for the generous donations of materials and cash to make the community garden Donation Box possible. The Donation Box was part of a Camas High School senior project and was built not just for a school grade, but as a token of hope to help the Camas community recover and thrive after the long pandemic of 2020-2021. 


Thank you to the following community partners and donors: 

- Camas Washougal Fire Department (Donation contributor)

- Home Depot (Donation contributor)

- Lutz Hardware (Donation contributor) 

- R&R Construction (Donation contributor)

- The Nieto Family (Mentorship and support)

- Erik Nieto (Senior Project Leader)