Basic information

Mass Schedule:

Daily Mass:
 Tues: 6pm

  Wed - Sat:  8:30am

Sunday Mass
   Saturday:  5:00pm       

   Sunday:    8:30am


- Saturday mornings, after 8:30am Mass, starting at 9am.
- 4-4:45pm before vigil mass.
- 5-5:45pm before Tuesday 6pm Mass.
Confessions are heard in the reconciliation room located in the vestibule of the church.

You can also make an appointment for spiritual direction or private confession by calling the office.


Adoration begins after Tuesday evening Mass until 9:30pm, in the church. Please contact Ted at if you would like to commit to a certain time slot.




Open church for prayer:

 - The church is open for private prayer Monday - Friday, 9am -4:30pm.

Parish Registration:

We would love for you to be a part of our parish family!
Register at St. Thomas today!
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Volunteer Opportunities:
                             Lots of minitries and organizations to choose from.
                           Please look at our APOSTOLATE , MINISTER and VOLUNTEER pages.







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Call us: 360-834-2126

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Our parish office is open to visitors
hours: Monday-Thursday
9-5, closed for lunch at 12:30
The office is CLOSED on Fridays.


US Conference of Catholic Bishops
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