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Important Mass Updates:

·  Change in pew seating:  we are now using alternating pews throughout the church for seating at Mass. This will increase the number of participants that are able to attend Mass on a weekly basis. Ongoing efficiency efforts, now endorsed by the Archdiocese, enabled us to make this change.

·   Use SignUpGenius for all Sunday Masses:  Please, use the SignUpGenius link on the STA website homepage to sign up your household to attend the Sunday Mass of your choice. A new link will be available each Monday for the coming weekend. You can sign up for seats in the church or in the overflow space in the parish hall.

·  Communion Processions Resume:  the distribution of Communion will begin with all those seated on the St. Thomas (or right) side of the church and then for all those seated on the Mary (or left) side of the church. This will help ensure social distancing in the center aisle. As in the past, we will walk forward to receive Communion via the center aisle and then return to our pews via the side aisles. Keep your distance from those in another household in front of you in line. If you will not be receiving Communion and there are other households in your pew, please join the procession to receive a blessing; this way you will not block the way for others. Please follow the direction of the ushers. 

·   Receiving Communion with a Mask:  please keep your mask on until you have received Communion in your hand and have then stepped aside to pause, lower your mask, and then consume the Eucharist and promptly replace your mask.


All three weekend Masses are open for inside seating (including 8:30am Sunday Mass that continues to be live-streamed) There is also overflow seating in the hall.

If you cannot attend on your weekend, please alert the office. This will help us know whether to prepare the hall for overflow numbers.

   Volunteer to help with the required protocols for social distancing, sanitizing, and record keeping. For more information about volunteering, click HERE.
   Pray for our staff as we follow Archdiocese quidelines and strive to serve our community.



























Please take a moment to watch this video message from Archbishop Etienne about the celebration of public Masses: 





Questions to ask yourself BEFORE you come to Mass:

In order to successfully pass the screening, you must answer "no" to each of these 6 questions. A "yes" answer to even one question is a failed assessment and we ask that you not attend Mass. 


In the last 14 days, have you:

1. Been exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 without the correct PPE?

2. Had a temperature at least 100.4°F?

3. Had new or increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

4. Had a new cough?

5. Had at least two of the following symptoms together:     Chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell

6. Had diarrhea, vomiting/runny nose/congestion or fatigue?